HDG Launches HelpDesk

To better service our growing number of customers we have launched our new Online HelpDesk support solution. Now our customers can view our complete a support ticket and have it automatically routed to the proper department. Whether you need Sales, Service or the Design Department.
What are we about:

HDGWebHost is a HD Graphics, LLC Company. This is the portion of the business that provides the IT and Hosting services. Our total dedication to offering quality hosting services and professional web design is what has created this business. We invite you to visit our sister site Hound Dog Graphics and browse through some of our design achievements.

As soon as you do, you too will realize that we are a serious business. We are the best at what we do, because this is all we do. We have grown this business using our experience, training and loyal customer base which continues to grow at an outstanding rate.

How do we do it?

  • We offer Affordable web hosting, e-commerce and custom php solutions for any type of business.
  • Provide cheap domain registration from $18.50 per year.
  • Offer Affordable "Personal" web hosting accounts with e-mail from $9.95 per month.
  • Created our customized and scalable hosting solutions to be flexible as your needs grow.
  • Have 24x7 Monitoring System - to make sure you site stays up
  • Offer WebMail - Stay in touch while on the road
  • Provide FrontPage Extensions for those who must.
  • Allow 24x7 FTP Access
  • Give you Monthly Web Site Statistics
  • Do daily Server Backups
  • Provide Top Quality Dedicated Support

HDG WebHost, located in Saratoga, New York, with our dedicated data center being located in our state-of-the-art hosting facility climate controlled, power backups, and full fire protection guarding our state of the art Sun Sparc Web Servers, running Zeus 3.3.2, we make sure your site is always up.

To ensure speed and reliability our Server is connected to 15 lightning fast DS-3 lines from 15 diverse backbones, totaling 675 Mbits of pure bandwidth! We offer various web hosting services such as:

PHP, Perl scripting, mySQL with phpMyAdmin, and a fully featured website hosting "CPanel" control panel to command your site. We give multitudes of disk space and bandwidth to support your website. HDG WebHost is the true low cost host with the affordable web site hosting prices. We also provide PHP web hosting solutions and budget web hosting accounts. Low setup fees on all web site hosting plans!

We currently have over 1,000 business host accounts located from Boston to Los Angeles. Our web site hosting packages give you the tools you need to become a truly successful company, whether it be for your retail , marketing or insurance business. Our dedicated hosting is truly an asset for anyone who wants to have control of their own site.

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For those clients who are familiar with our CPANEL, we have upgraded the servers to now offer the more functionality and easier browsing of the available options and site setup procedures. Enter your CPanel by Clicking below

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HDG Adds 2nd Dedicated Web Server

To better accommodate our fast growing number of small business hosting accounts, we have installed a 2nd Linux Web Server in our New Jersey Data Center. This should allow us to load balance some of our more active accounts and not effect cross the board server performance, when the activity is at a peak.


If your business is just getting started, or you just want to create a personal web presence, HDG WebHost now offers an affordable solution from $9.95 per month. The main difference being that we don't just give you a stripped down account, you have full access to all of the same features and services as the other accounts. The main difference being the storage and bandwidth allotment. Plus you can upgrade you account at any time should you need increase.

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