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The features and security of your account do not stop advancing the day you sign up for service.

All our hosting accounts and servers run identical software to enable seamless, automated updates and security patches. When we perform an upgrade to the operating system or any part of our hosting platform, it gets distributed to our entire network of servers at the same time. This guarantees that an account opened a few years ago will have the same features and level of security as a brand new account.

Our low rates do not come at the expense of performance. Unlike other companies who place over 1000 customers on a single web server, we place no more than 300 accounts on any server, with no single customer utilizing more than their share of resources.

We are constantly monitoring and managing the server loads to optimize performance for all our hosting accounts from the ExpressSaver to the Level 4.

We pledge to you that your website will load as fast as the fastest comparable website on any server anywhere, or we will refund your money within the first 30-days your account is set up.
This includes any comparable website on its own dedicated server.